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Premier Ear Care Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester
Didsbury’s Top Ear Care Clinic: Specialising in Microsuction Earwax Removal and Hearing Aid Services
Welcome to our leading Ear Care Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester, a beacon of excellence in addressing earwax build up, hearing loss, and balance disorders. We are deeply committed to providing our patients with comprehensive, compassionate care. Specialising in microsuction earwax removal, our clinic stands out as a minimally invasive solution for effective earwax management, ensuring the integrity of your delicate ear canal and eardrum.
Innovative Hearing Aid Solutions: Customized to Your Unique Needs
Our clinic is not just about earwax removal; we also take pride in offering an extensive selection of advanced hearing aids tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you’re looking for behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-ear (RIE), in-the-canal (ITC), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), or invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids, our range is comprehensive. We collaborate with industry leaders like GN Resound, Oticon, Phonak, and Starkey to bring you cutting-edge technology. Leveraging Real Ear Measurements, we ensure each hearing aid fitting is personalized, focusing on optimal sound quality and comfort.
Meet Mr. Hassan Karim: Renowned Audiologist with Global Experience
Guiding our clinic’s success is our expert audiologist, Mr. Hassan Karim. With over 15 years of experience in treating various ear conditions, Mr. Karim’s expertise is unparalleled. His professional journey spans across prestigious roles in the NHS, Dubai, UAE, and several top hearing care providers in the North West of England, solidifying his reputation as a leading specialist in the field.
Our Commitment: Exceptional Care for Every Patient
At our Ear Care Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester, patient care is our utmost priority. We ensure that every individual stepping into our clinic feels comfortable, well-informed, and confident in their treatment journey. Whether you need expert earwax removal or a custom-fit hearing aid, we are dedicated to enhancing your auditory health and overall wellbeing.
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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids: Enhancing Sound and Communication
Hearing aids are innovative devices designed for individuals experiencing hearing loss. Worn either in or behind the ear, these electronic devices amplify specific sounds, aiding in clearer hearing and speech comprehension. Ideal for people with sensorineural hearing loss a condition often caused by aging, diseases, exposure to loud noises, or certain medication. Hearing aids are a key tool in managing hearing challenges.
Worldwide Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Utilization
Globally, approximately 14% of the population suffers from some form of hearing loss. However, only 20% of those who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them. Enhancing awareness and improving access to these devices is crucial. By doing so, more individuals can enjoy improved communication, leading to a better quality of life and greater participation in daily activities.


What is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is indeed a condition characterised by the perception of noise or ringing in the ears without an external source. It’s important to clarify that tinnitus itself isn’t a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying condition, such as age-related hearing loss, ear injury, or a circulatory system disorder. The type of sound people with tinnitus hear varies and can include ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, or other types of noise. The sound can be constant or intermittent, and its volume can fluctuate. It can affect one or both ears or feel like it’s coming from inside the head.

Mechanisms and Causes of Tinnitus

The exact mechanism of tinnitus is not fully understood, but it’s believed to be associated with forms of stress and changes in the auditory system, which might be triggered by hearing loss, ear damage, or other factors. It’s also thought to involve changes in the way the brain processes sound.
Treatment Options
While there’s currently no cure for tinnitus, treatment options are available to help manage the symptoms. These can include sound therapy, hearing aids, cognitive-behavioral therapy, certain medications and diet changes. It’s advisable for individuals experiencing tinnitus to consult our clinic for correct diagnosis and to explore suitable treatment options.

Earwax Microsuction

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal: Safe and Effective
At the clinic, we specialize in private ear wax removal through microsuction, a method renowned for being the cleanest, fastest, and safest option for addressing impacted earwax and blockages. This 15 minute procedure delivers instant results, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. Microsuction involves inserting a microtip or Zoellner tube, accompanied by a sterile plastic canula, into the ear canal. The process utilizes suction to gently remove compacted wax, providing a clear and healthy auditory passage.
Advantages of Microsuction Over Ear Syringing
We exclusively offer microsuction at our clinic, steering clear of ear syringing methods. Ear syringing, if performed incorrectly, can lead to complications such as eardrum perforations, infections, and potential damage to the ear. Microsuction, on the other hand, minimizes these risks by allowing for clear visualization of the eardrum during the procedure. This technique is effective even for deep, compacted, or impacted earwax, with a significantly lower risk of causing ear infections or inducing vertigo and dizziness. Moreover, microsuction is safe for individuals with a perforated eardrum, making it a universally suitable solution for ear wax removal.
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The Clinic In Didsbury, Manchester Specialises In The Treatment Of Earwax By Microsuction.
Charles MacMillan
Charles MacMillan
Called 5pm Monday.appointment Tuesday 11.30 Ear wax removed br 12 moon. Excellent service by a pleasant an knowledgeable expert
Kieran Monaghan
Kieran Monaghan
Dr.Hassan Karim saw me not only the same day, but in about 3 hours from me reaching out to make an appointment. Sorted out my ears in minutes and I was on my way, able to hear properly again. Absolutely brilliant. And at a really reasonable price. Can't fault it, fantastic, would recommend to anyone if you're having problems with your ears/hearing.
C Stewart
C Stewart
Highly recommend. I struggled with intermittent hearing loss for a few weeks which got worse so I couldn’t hear anything at all in one ear due to impacted ear wax. Same day appointment offered which cleared the problem. Don’t waste money trying different options .. Honestly, instant result! Thank you so much.
Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall
This is my third visit to Hassan and because I can't give 6 stars, I thought I'd just submit another 5-star review. My most recent visit was booked less than 24 hours in advance for a Sunday. Hassan removed wax, gave me a hearing test, and consulted on further treatment options. The convenience, care, and price all make this a fantastic business. Thank you again, Hassan!
M. D. S.
M. D. S.
My earwax was quite hard and I had pain in the ear and couldn't hear well. Hassan was quite patient and offered a free additional session later to let the olive oil soften the wax. He was even willing to offer one more free session. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Steve Hopkins
Steve Hopkins
Great outcome from visit to Hassan at Manchester Hearing aid and earwax removal. He fitted me in on the same day I phoned him and the results were excellent, totally painless and quick. I would highly recommend him.
Simon Catterall
Simon Catterall
Excellent experience today. Been suffering for a good week or so having made the dreaded error of cottonbuds. Rang up 9.15am appointment 12.30pm problem solved and on my way 12.45pm Was very nervous at first as 1 of my ears been sore for a while. Hassan was professional, Polite and straight to it. Will definitely be using in the future. Can't recommend enough. Parking down the side of the clinic aswell.
Stephen Wilkinson
Stephen Wilkinson
Both my ears were blocked with wax which apart from ruining my hearing is sensory hell for me (I'm Autistic). The procedure was quick, painless and worked a treat. Hassan in polite, personable and professional. The relief was huge. My hearing is fine again, like Hassan just turned the volume knob on my head up. I can hear where my enemies are whilst playing Battlefield again. Five stars. Worth every penny.
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