Ear Wax Microsuction

Private ear wax removal by microsuction is the cleanest, fastest and safest way to remove impacted earwax in blocked and waxy ears. Appointments can take upto 15 minutes and results are mostly instant. Ear wax removal by microsuction involves the insertion of a microtip or Zoellner tube into the External Auditory Meatus (ear canal), along with a sterile plastic canula. Suction is then used and the compacted wax is pulled out of the ear canal.

Yes. It is recommended to use earwax softeners (Olive Oil/Hydrogen Peroxide/ Sodium Bicarbonate) for a minimum of 2 days, however it is not essential and the procedure can be done without it if necessary.

Yes. All Audiologists carrying this procedure are highly qualified and trained.

Earwax removal by microsuction is the safest way to remove impacted earwax, but with all health procedures there are risks. Some of the risks may include but are not limited to: pain in the ear, Sounds in the ear during the procedure, mild discharge and aural fullness. A risk assessment and consent procedure is done before carrying out any earwax removal or microsuction procedure.

This procedure can be carried out as many times as necessary to remove any obstruction in the ear canal.

The usual length of an appointment is 10 to 15 minutes.

Costs are 40 for one ear and 60 for both. Discounts are offered for NHS workers and students.

Olive Oil Or Hydrogen Peroxide?

Lubrication by the use of olive oil is recommended. Olive oil used 2-4 times daily can help lubricate the ear canal a day before microsuction. We recommend patients that have persistent ear wax or cerumen to use olive oil drops once a fortnight.

Special branded products and hydrogen peroxide have little evidence to show benefit over using clean olive oil ear spray. Avoid using infused olive oils such as garlic or chilli. A spray bottle is the best method to insert this into the ear canal.

Microsuction Is The
'Gold Standard'

At the clinic in Manchester we only recommend the gold standard of wax removal. We only use microsuction and manual wax removal. Some general practitioners are currently not providing services for wax removal or forcing patients to use olive oil drops for over three weeks before removing by water syringing if done at all.

Ear wax removal by microsuction is the only method we practice to remove excessive and impacted ear wax. NHS GP surgeries have stopped syringing ears currently in Greater Manchester, Stockport, Altrincham, Sale and within Cheshire. Services have been moved into the hospital and waiting lists are getting longer. We offer  same day appointments by home visit or in one of our branches in south Manchester. 

Benefits Of Microsuction

Syringing if done incorrectly can lead to perforations and damage to the eardrum. The chance of this happening while visualising the eardrum is very low during microsuction. Microsuction always removes deep, compacted or impacted wax. There is little chance of causing ear infections compared to ear syringing. There is also less chance of vertigo or dizziness with Microsuction and it can be performed on a perforated ear. Call or book in below.

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