Whatever You Think About Custom Hearing Aids, Think Again!

Our most advanced hearing technology comes carefully crafted in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made by you and ReSound, combining our experience in true wireless earbuds.

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Custom-made modern style for active lifestyles

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Natural sound and premium audiological features

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Easy rechargeability with up to 24 hours on one charge

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Stay connected to the world with Bluetooth Low Energy

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Direct streaming from iPhone and iPad or Android™ smartphones

Custom Crafting Improvements For A Better First Fit

With our optimised custom crafting process, the shell design is validated prior to 3D printing by simulating the design in the ear at the GN manufacturing site.

This helps with the horizontal alignment of the dual microphones for better hearing in noise.

Weatherproof And Sweatproof

Enjoy continuous use with these IP68-certified custom hearing aids for active lifestyles. Nano coating inside and out ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

Who Said That Great Hearing Couldn’t Look And Feel This Good?

ReSound Nexia 9
ReSound Nexia 7
ReSound Nexia 5
Warp compression (WDRC)
Replicates the way the natural ear divides sound into distinct pitches
Ultra Focus
Forms a powerful directional pattern using the sound from both hearing aids so your client can focus on the person in front of them.
All Access Directionality*
Uses real time information about the user’s environment to automatically adjust the directional microphone patterns according to a binaural hearing strategy. May use M&RIE or Spatial Sense for spatial cue preservation.
Binaural Directionality III
Automatic directionality that determines the best microphone configurations across two hearing aids based on the level and location of speech and noise around the user. Caters to the way sound is processed in the brain. It also includes Spatial Sense for more natural sound processing.
Binaural Directionality
Automatic directionality that determines the best microphone configurations across two hearing aids based on the level and location of speech and noise around the user.
Spatial Sense
Pinna restoration and bilateral compression provides more natural sound processing by restoring the auditory cues of the external ear and maintaining interaural level differences between the two ears
Synchronised Soft Switching
Uses Ear-to-Ear communication to automatically switch between omni-directional and directional modes depending on the sound environment, ensuring both instruments in a binaural fitting are in the same microphone mode, using slow and comfortable transitions
Environmental Optimizer II
Uses e2e communication to automatically adjusts the volume and the amount of noise reduction for optimum listening comfort and sound quality across 7 different listening environments
Environmental Optimizer I
Uses e2e communication to automatically adjusts the volume for optimum listening comfort and sound quality across 7 different listening environments.
Noise Tracker II
Reduces disturbing background sound without affecting speech audibility
5 settings
3 settings
2 settings
Reduces low level noise in very quiet environments
3 settings
2 settings
Impulse Noise Reduction
Quickly detects and reduces amplification for sudden, brief loud noises
3 settings
2 settings
Wind Guard
Reduces wind noise impact on sound experience
3 settings
2 settings
Sound Shaper
Improves audibility of high-frequency sounds by compressing them to a lower frequency zone where they can be heard
DFS Ultra III (w/ Music Mode)
Reduces unwanted feedback in nearly any situation without compromising gain via phase cancellation with static and dynamic filters.
Synchronised Acceptance Manager
Slowly adjusts gain from current to a target setting over a designated period of time
Tinnitus Sound Generator
Therapeutic sounds to provide relief from tinnitus. Should be used in conjunction with some form of tinnitus therapy.
Ear-to-Ear Communication
Enables the hearing aids to communicate with each other for a harmonious and improved hearing experience across all sound settings.
Direct Audio Streaming (iOS & Android)
2.4GHz streaming connection to iOS & Android
Hands-free calls for iPhone & iPad
Hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone and iPad*. Using ReSound ONE as a wireless headset by effortlessly take calls and talk without holding the iPhone or iPad.
ReSound Wireless Accessory Compatibility
Compatible with ReSound TV Streamer, Remote Control, Remote Control2, PhoneClip+, Micro Mic, Multi Mic
ReSound Smart 3D app
End-user facing app to manage key interactions with hearing aids
Sound Enhancer (In ReSound Smart 3D app)
Allows the user to fine-tune multiple settings in the ReSound Smart 3D app to personalize their hearing.
ReSound Assist
Functionality in SmartFit to send remote fine-tuning adjustments anytime and recieve real-time client feedback.
ReSound Assist Live
Fit new and existing clients with a new hearing aid using tele-audiology.
Remote Firmware Updates
End-users can use the Smart 3D app to update the hearing aid software remotely.
Max Gain Handles
Fully Flexible Programs
Auto DFS
Automatic Receiver Detection
Wireless Fitting with Noahlink Wireless
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